Artistic Fruit

Computer thing is chugging along slowly. I should probably draw tomorrow.

I did draw in my sketchbook, though.

Sorry I’ve been hesitating on drawing these past few days, we’re setting up a new computer(hopefully tonight) and I didn’t want to have to keep saving SAI files to Dropbox or a flash drive.

What am I doing. Hakkai, you can’t fit a crown on that mop you call hair.

Ah yes, the princesses strike back.

I got like 6 new followers in less than a day from that, shit. o_o

O-Oh uh, I didn’t expect to come back to THAT many notes… o////o

Meanwhile, in ‘where the fuck are we’ land

Meanwhile, in ‘where the fuck are we’ land

ah yes the invisible sake cup

I forgot about some of the dumb Saiyuki things I’ve drawn in my sketchbook I’ve never submitted here. We’ve got lovely gems such as:

  • Kanan threatening to murder a cockroach(who is apparently Gojyo) with Gonou’s favorite book as her lover asks her to please calm down
  • Kenren looking rather determined to get Tenpou to put his uniform on(‘put the leather on.’ he says)
  • Tenpou valiantly proclaiming ‘let’s suck some dick’(yeah I don’t know)
  • an entire page of Gojyo staring at other male characters’ asses
  • Sanzo in a middle school girl’s uniform wielding a baseball bat. His hair is in tiny pigtails.

There are more, but these are some that stood out.